I won’t drag this out because these sections can be pretty lengthy.

I’m in my early 30’s, newly married (for the second time) and in a polyamorous relationship with my husband. When we got married (not even a year ago) we had agreed that we could not be monogamous. It just wasn’t in our nature and we both knew we would be unhappy in the long term if we only got to sleep with each other until we died. We took the ‘forsaking all others’ part out of our vows. We haven’t looked back.

We started out as swingers until he told me that he can’t really just go up to a woman, tell her he wants to sleep with her, and then do it. I don’t have the same problem. I’m an extrovert, where he is an introvert. He needs to connect with a woman on some emotional level before he can connect on a physical one.

After a lot of talk, heartache, more talk, active communication, we are taking a swing on the poly side of life. It isn’t easy. It is, in my opinion, a million times harder to be poly than it is to be in a normal one-on-one relationship. I wanted to write about it. In a year, two, five, ten years, I’d like to see how far we’ve come, if we made it to the other side. I know we will make it together, I just don’t know if we will make it out with anyone else.

This is that blog.


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