Updated Rules

So after our little issue this morning in … Okay *MY* issue in regards to half truths and places being off limits we added to our rules. I had gotten the feeling he wasn’t okay with places off limits but I needed something to give.

My darling husband came up with this addendum:

Places / Situations
1. Six Flags
2. Master Bed
3. Our Waffle House

We added in exceptions when the activity includes us both and also a couple out of state that we have been friendly with for some time and I am comfy with him pretty much doing whatever / whenever with her, with me or the husband there or not.

Yes. This whole issue was over a Waffle House. The facility isn’t the problem, it was more that I wasn’t asked if I was okay with this actual location first. I mean there are hundreds of WH’s in our state. Why pick ours?? That is also where the half truth came from which I’m sure didn’t help my insecurity.

I told him to keep his date as planned at OUR location. It’s just a meet and greet and we didn’t talk or agree to anything beforehand so I can’t get my panties in too much of a bunch (I did a little though).

Fuck I hate this. It’s at least a little easier to be in a triad or V where I am included. I. Hate. This.


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