Half truths

How in the world am I supposed to be okay with things in our life when I am continually delivered half truths. Like yeah ‘we’re going to a restaurant’ when he knows full well what restaurant he has decided to take his date to but doesn’t want to tell me. Perhaps it’s because you know you shouldn’t and I may get upset?

2013 is not starting out well for my marriage.


3 responses to “Half truths”

  1. Kitty says :

    Is your husband also doing a lot of reading about poly?

    • asdgirl says :

      Yes! He started the reading of things before I did. I even told him from the beginning all it takes is truth, trust and communication. I am so much more willing to be agreeable to things when I’m included in the decision. I mean, I’m important too. So I told him this morning I don’t understand the need for half truths and it makes trust and me being okay with all of this a lot less easier. *sigh*

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      • Kitty says :

        Hopefully he’ll catch on! 🙂 It can be hard sometimes to trust your partner to be okay with these things, even if you realize that eventually, not trusting them will just lead to them being much less okay with what’s happening.

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